Church Membership

Whether you are new to FirstSarasota, new to our city, or just new to church, we would love to have the opportunity to minister to you. At FirstSarasota, our mission is to glorify God and make Him known to everyone…everywhere.

How Can You Become Connected to FirstSarasota by Church Membership?

Across the two thousand year history of the church, believers have voluntarily joined themselves together to form local congregations all across the globe. Seen first in the early church as spoken of in scripture and continuing unto this day with churches, FirstSarasota, the Downtown Baptist Church is one of hundreds of thousands of local churches established across the globe today.

In the Bible, the church is pictured as a body, a kingdom, a family, a building, and a flock, all suggesting relational connections among themselves and with God. This ‘redeemed community’ encourages the growth of individual believers as well as fulfilling the purposes of God in fellowship, worship, missions, and evangelism.

When you become a formal part of this local congregation you can more fully engage what God is wanting to do in your life as well as supporting what God is doing to reach the world for Christ through the various outreaches of FirstSarasota.

Very soon we will be having a new members’ class. Please stay tuned for more information. As a general rule, you can unite with FirstSarasota in one of the following ways:

  • A Profession of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by a biblical baptism
  • Affirmation of faith in Jesus Christ, followed by a biblical baptism
  • Statement of faith in Jesus Christ, and a biblical baptism
  • Transferring membership from another church of ‘like faith and practice’.
  • Seasonal member during the months of living in our area which allows for you to keep your membership in your home church.

If you would like further information on church membership or would like to speak to one of our pastors please feel free to contact the church office or contact one of our pastors directly at 941-365-2846.