Children’s Security

Safety & Security Policies

The security procedures at FirstSarasota exist to provide an optimally safe environment for our preschoolers & children. All preschool & children volunteers and staff are required to undergo a complete background screening before working with and caring for children. In addition, we also provide a secure method of identification for drop-off and pick-up in our classrooms. Parents receive cards and key tags with individualized bar codes assigned based on their personal entry into our security system. Children are only released from their classroom to adults with this security card or key tag that is scanned to match the label attached the child’s clothing at check-in. . Minor siblings are not allowed to drop off or pick up preschoolers or children. In the event that you arrive in the Preschool Ministry without your card or key tag , you once you check your child in you will receive a label with the same bar code that will be attached to your child’s label.